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Our corporate philosophy is all about customer orientation and humanity. Starting with inbound solutions such as sales and technical support through to professional and empathetic outbound communication, we are consistently committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers at every touch point. We offer you not only our many years of experience, but also our expertise to continuously improve your customer interactions. Get in touch with us and benefit from our services. Discover the advantages of working together as partners. Benefit from our experience and use our expertise to improve your customer interactions.
About us

First-class and competent customer service for your lasting success!

Through a deep understanding of your company and your customers, we proactively support you in the ongoing optimization of all customer interactions. We are your ideal partner for first-class inbound and outbound services – be it for comprehensively answering customer inquiries or for effectively communicating your news. Our top priority is that your customers feel in good hands with us.

FLINE is a renowned service and contact center that specializes in customer support and supports you and your customers in all matters. With our in-depth industry knowledge, our teams enter into a strategic partnership with you to successfully achieve your goals.

Why Choose Us

Experience comprehensive business solutions

That drive your company forward. At FLINE, we offer a diverse range of services that not only increase customer satisfaction, but also optimize and increase the efficiency of your operations.
Customer Support

Your customers are in competent hands and can be reached by phone or email at any time.

Technical support

Your customer concerns are in the hands of experts. You can be reached at any time by phone or email.

Optimized Back Office

Ensure smooth operations, allowing your company more time for core tasks.

Sales Excellence

Active listening and thorough preparation to handle objections and boost sales.

What we do

Increase Customer Loyalty and Operational Efficiency


Our strengths in inbound include specialist knowledge, service orientation, customer friendliness and optimal accessibility - around the clock! We support all inbound interactions, including sales and service, order taking, cross-selling and technical support. From the first contact, we strive to ensure your customers' satisfaction.


We rely on professionalism, empathy and sensitivity in all our interactions. Our employees are your representatives in direct customer contact. You open the dialogue in an interesting and appropriate way and lead it with commitment to its conclusion. This consistency is our strength. In addition, our employees always adapt to your specific requirements. To ensure our performance, a quality assessment is carried out at the end of the day.


With efficient email management, we support service-oriented companies in creating an overview and order, shortening processing times and achieving the defined service level at the optimal time. The quality of answers is improved and response times are shortened.

Industries and Services

Together we will take your company to new heights.

We promote a culture in which customers and FLINE work together in the same direction and develop harmoniously through mutual satisfaction.

Our Goal

What is the background of FLINE?

Many years of experience in customer relationship management and in various leadership positions inspired the founders of FLINE to start their own company in 2021. Nowadays, having a reliable partner is crucial, especially for offshore customer-facing projects. FLINE and its partners have the necessary expertise to successfully advance your project. We focus on your needs!

We have already served well-known major customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which underlines our expertise. The reputation of our customers is also our reputation. We attach great importance to working with your employees on an equal footing in order to achieve optimal results. At the same time, the well-being of our employees is important to us. We continually invest in and support their development to advance not only ourselves but also our community.

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Kosovo has a young and highly motivated population, with two thirds being under 30 years old. Thanks to the historical events and the long-standing support from the Federal Republic of Germany, we have young talents with excellent German language skills and a high level of education. In contrast to many agencies in Germany, we have found that these qualities are often not as strong there. Companies that contact us can also benefit from lower labor costs.

Think fresh, work faster, grow smarter, save money.

At FLINE, we’re all about excellence in customer care. Imagine a team of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering top-notch service with a smile. That’s us – FLINE!

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Customer Satisfaction
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What steps can I take to envision a collaborative project with FLINE?

It is important for us to understand your expectations and wishes. What product or service do you offer? Which KPIs are important to you? Who is your classic target customer and which customer groups do you want to reach? As soon as we have developed a common understanding for each other, we can start.

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